About the CMTFL

Touch Football is low contact. Unlike most football leagues, there is no tackling, blocking, chucking, or jamming allowed. Fumbles are automatically dead. This encourages the skill of the game over the physicality, and will benefit players of all ages looking to avoid contact injuries.

The Calgary Men’s Touch Football League has been running continuously since 1979 providing organized touch football for those 16 years and older and for all skill levels. League decisions are made by the Board of Directors which is comprised of player representatives from all interested teams. Because the league is non-profit volunteer run, player/team costs are considerably lower than other adult football leagues in Calgary.

The game is played 7 on 7 on a CFL sized field, with all players eligible as receiver. There are 3 downs to get 10 yards. The QB will take a long snap and the defense can send a Rusher from 5 yards back.
This results is similar timing and play making as professional leagues in that the QB has about 2 seconds to throw a pass, or scramble to elude the rusher and extend the play.
Teams and players are fit into different divisions with varying skill levels. View our media/video page to get a feel for the game.

The season runs annually from mid-May to the end of August, with each team playing 12-14 regular season games plus playoffs. Games, 75 minutes long with a brief halftime, are weeknight evenings, typically once per week throughout the summer.

We play on City of Calgary class A and B fields – both grass and artificial turf (Shouldice). Fields are lined, have bleachers, lights, and facilities. All games are officiated by two paid referees.

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