Regular Season

Review the Field conditions and Locations page for directions to each field.

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLinesmenField
Mon July 266:30ThunderMongrelsPredatorsGlenmore 6
Mon July 267:45LTPredatorsPiratesGlenmore 6
Mon July 269:00PiratesOutlawsLTGlenmore 6
Thur July 296:30StonecuttersPredatorsPrairie DogsGlenmore 6
Thur July 297:55Prairie DogsWarriorsStonecuttersGlenmore 6
Thur July 296:30PanthersLTTurtlesStampeder
Thur July 297:45TurtlesPossePanthersStampeder
Thur July 299:00PiratesLos HombresPosseStampeder
Tues Aug 36:30StonecuttersThunderTurtlesNew Brighton 01
Tues Aug 37:55Turtles Los HombresThunderNew Brighton 01
Thur Aug 56:30WarriorsPanthersLTGlenmore 6
Thur Aug 57:45LTMongrelsWarriorsGlenmore 6
Thur Aug 59:00PosseOutlawsMongrelsGlenmore 6
Thur Aug 56:30ThunderPredatorsTurtlesMcMahon
Thur Aug 57:55TurtlesPrairie DogsPredatorsMcMahon
Tues Aug 106:30Prairie DogsWarriorsPiratesNew Brighton 01
Tues Aug 107:55PiratesPosseWarriorsNew Brighton 01
Thurs Aug 127:00ThunderMongrelsLTGlenmore 6
Thurs Aug 128:25OutlawsLTThunderGlenmore 6
Thurs Aug 126:30StonecuttersPredatorsLos HombresStampeder
Thurs Aug 127:45Los HombresPossePredatorsStampeder
Thurs Aug 129:00TurtlesWarriorsPosseStampeder
Mon Aug 166:30PiratesLos HombresOutlawsGlenmore 6
Mon Aug 167:45Panthers OutlawsLos HombresGlenmore 6
Mon Aug 169:00PosseLTPanthersGlenmore 6
Thurs Aug 199:20TurtlesPrairie Dogs3 paid officialsStampeder

Previous Results

DateTimeHomeAwayLinesman provided by:Field
Thurs June 176:30Mongrels 0Outlaws 26Los HombresHellard
Thurs June 177:55Los Hombres 34Predators 0MongrelsHellard
Thurs June 176:30Pirates 6Warriors 33Prairie DogsMcMahon
Thurs June 177:55Prairie Dogs 30Turtles 36PiratesMcMahon
Mon June 216:30Pirates 32Panthers 25OutlawsGlenmore 6
Mon June 217:55LT 7Outlaws 13PanthersGlenmore 6
Tues June 226:30Prairie Dogs 27Posse 14PredatorsStampeder
Tues June 227:55Predators 7Mongrels 19PosseStampeder
Thurs June 246:30LT 34Predators 6PanthersGlenmore 6
Thurs June 247:55Los Hombres 39Panthers 14LTGlenmore 6
Thurs June 246:30Warriors 33Posse 15TurtlesMcMahon
Thurs June 247:55Turtles 46Pirates 27WarriorsMcMahon
Mon June 286:30Warriors 19Prairie Dogs 12OutlawsGlenmore 6
Mon June 287:45Outlaws 1Los Hombres 31Prairie DogsGlenmore 6
Mon June 289:00Panthers 38Mongrels 6Los HombresGlenmore 6
Wed June 30
7:45PosseLT TurtlesStampeder
Wed June 30
9:00TurtlesLos HombresLTStampeder
DateTimeHomeAwayLinesman provided by:Field
Thurs July 86:30Pirates 0Prairie Dogs 39TurtlesGlenmore 6
Thurs July 87:45Turtles 18Warriors 24PiratesGlenmore 6
Thurs July 89:00Outlaws 19Predators 6WarriorsGlenmore 6
Thurs July 86:30Posse 19Panthers 36MongrelsMcMahon
Thurs July 87:55Mongrels 38LT 18PosseMcMahon
Mon July 126:30Stonecutters 12Thunder 1OutlawsGlenmore 6
Mon July 127:45Panthers 34Outlaws 7ThunderGlenmore 6
Mon July 129:00Los Hombres 28Posse 12PanthersGlenmore 6
Thurs July 156:30Mongrels 12Predators 6PiratesGlenmore 6
Thurs July 157:55Pirates 13LT 6PredatorsGlenmore 6
Thurs July 156:30Warriors 35Los Hombres 33Prairie DogsMcMahon
Thurs July 157:55Turtles 21Prairie Dogs 22Los HombresMcMahon
Mon Jul 196:30Stonecutters 6Thunder 6Prairie DogsGlenmore 6
Mon Jul 197:45Outlaws 28Mongrels 7StonecuttersGlenmore 6
Mon Jul 199:00Panthers 20Predators 7OutlawsGlenmore 6
Thurs Jul 226:30Pirates 7Posse 6StonecuttersGlenmore 6
Thurs Jul 227:45Stonecutters 7Mongrels 36PosseGlenmore 6
Thurs Jul 229:00Prairie Dogs 39Los Hombres 28MongrelsGlenmore 6
Thurs Jul 226:30Panthers 26LT 6WarriorsMcMahon
Thurs Jul 227:55Warriors 27Turtles 20LTMcMahon

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